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November 4, 2012
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Loki x Reader In hiding ((Ch. 7))

Slowly, you opened your eyes, and looked up to see Loki leaning over you, gazing into your face.
You yelped out of shock, and he leaned down to kiss you. Your eyes nearly popped out of your pretty
little head. You soon found yourself kissing him back, and pulled him closer. But air trolled you, and you
needed to part from each other.

"W-What was that all about?" You asked wearily. "You were sleeping for two days, probably
from passing out." You stopped your happy day dream for a second. Two days? Damn. Man, you must
be great in bed! "Okay… but that doesn't answer my question! Why'd you kiss me?!" "Because that's
how you wake someone up in Midgard, right?" You smiled at his explanation. How cute!

You sat up, and brushed your bangs out of your face. "Hey Loki… who was that man with a
hammer?" "…An evil man." Your smile faded into a worried frown. "Oh…" "Come now… help me think of
a place to go, we can't stay here. That man will figure out we're here." You sighed, and stood up. But
when you looked down, you realized that you were butt naked.

You squeaked and hid under the safety of your blanket. "Come on, dear. We already made love.
No need to hide yourself." You glared away, and blushed brightly. "Don't say such embarrassing things!"
You squealed, and hid further under your blankets. "Go get dressed and meet me in the hallway to
discuss where we shall go… and I went back for your mutt."

You smiled and went to your closet. You picked out a short-sleeved shirt with (Fav. Drink))
designed onto it. You wriggled into some cargo pants, and sighed in contentment. It felt nice to wear
normal clothes again.

You walked out into the hallway, and got greeted by an adorable scene. Loki. He was cuddling
with Shilo… and Shilo was give him Shi-kisses. "B'aaaaaawwwwwww!" Loki shot up, face burning red.
"Umm… she's… soft." You giggled and sat down next to him. "So, I was thinking, maybe we could go to
my sister's apartment." "no, they would expect that." "Good point…" "Any… lovers?" "Erm… nope." The
conversation went on like this, all the while you didn't notice the black van that pulled up. "Well, maybe
we could-" "COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!" You and Loki looked at each other, both panicked. "If
you don't come out, we're coming in" You grabbed Loki, and Shilo as you ran to your bedroom. You hid
in a locker. "Keep quiet." You whispered. You heard the door to your room make a loud BANG! As you
heard the clacking of heavy boots drag across the floor.

You looked through the crack in the bottom of the locker, and you stiffened when you saw
shadow that didn't belong to you. "You better come out; I know you're in there. I can see your feet."
Welp, someone used their brain. There's something you didn't account for…

You sighed in defeat, and opened the door. "Isn't that better?" Asked a man with chocolaty
brown skin, and an eye patch. "Not really, but thanks for your consideration." You replied bitterly. "Too
bad, now come on." You groaned in defeat, and followed him.

~Time skip, because you're worth it.~

You looked up to the obnoxious tower, and sighed. You followed the mysterious man with an
eye patch up into the tower. You stepped out of the elevator, and jumped when you heard the tower
say: "Sir, Mr. Fury, and ((Name)) are here." "T-THE FREAKIN' TOWER CAN TALK?!" Nick sighed, and
pushed the door opened. The first person you saw was the man with long hair, and a hammer. You

squeaked and hid behind Nick. You looked at the man from behind Nick Fury, and saw the hurt in his
pools of blue. But… Loki said this man was bad, so… why did you feel guilty? "Don't worry ((Name)), he
won't bite. Unless you ask him." The voice came from another man with rugged dark hair, and facial
hair. "Stark, calm yourself." The man moved towards you, and pinned you to the wall. "I got one
question for ya, babe." "A-And…" "What's my name?" "Ummm…. I don't know… Charles?" The man
chuckled. "That means it worked… but Babe, my name's Stark, Tony Stark." For some reason that
seemed very familiar to you, but you didn't know why.

"Well, my name ain't babe. It's ((Name))." Tony grinned, and pat your head. "I know, sweet
heart." Your face turned another shade pink. Jeez! What was with this guy, and his stupid nicknames?!
"And Point break over her is called Thor."

You glanced over to the large man and smiled shyly. "H-Hey there…." You managed to croak out.
"Hello, M'Lady." He started saying as he started to walk over to you, and took your hand. "'Tis a
pleasure to meet you." He said as he kissed your hand, turning your face ten shades redder.

"You'll meet the other's later. C'mon, I'll show you to your new room." And so you followed
Tony into a room with a glass wall, and a queen sized bed, with a few pictures of ((Fav. Actor)) hanging
on the wall. 'Well, better get to feeling at home, 'cause this is your new home…'
And thus, you meet Tony, Nick, and Thor. But where has Loki gone?! And why does Tony seem familiar? Well, I can't tell you yet. Muahahahahahahahahahahahahaha- *Hack* *gag* *cough* *Wheeze* M'kay no more maniacal laughing.

Thor: reader, y u no like me?!

Me: 'Cause Loki's a little shit.

Thor: Hey He's my brother!

Me: I know.

All the characters (c) Marvel
You (c) The Avengers

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4 ((Lemon)): [link]
Chapter 5: [link]
Chapter 6: [link]
Chapter 7: You are here!
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ironic huh
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BleedingPanda013 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
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No I also said Tom.
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