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November 18, 2012
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Loki x Reader Ch. 9 ((Shawarma))

You paced back in forth trying to fully register today's events. For one, Thor said something
about trusting Loki… again. Again… what the hell does he mean by again?! You groaned and flopped
onto your bed, and Shilo quickly made her way over to you. You couldn't help but smile when she
nuzzled her nose into your chest. That's one reason why you love dogs: They are always there to cheer
you up when you don't have anybody else to lean on.

After a few more moments of lying in bed, you decided to join the land of the living. You walked
over to your door, and contemplated wither or not to unlock it, and face the inevitable awkwardness.
You sighed, and unlocked it, dragging the door open, and trudging out. But when you got to the living
room, nobody was there. You smirked to yourself, and began to go to the first door you saw.

What? Nobody was in the room at the time, thus giving you snooping rights. When the door
opened, you could obviously tell that it was that… captain America dude's room. A gargantuan American
flag draped on side of the wall, and slumped down by his bed, which was also decorated with the star
spangled banner. You looked at the desk that was to the right of the bed, and saw a photo. You picked it
up gently, and gazed at it. In the picture was a beautiful lady, with what you presumed was dark hair,
and plump lips. She looked like an actress from the 60's or something.

You smiled and set the photo down, and tiptoed out of the room. You ventured down the
hallway, and came upon another door. You pressed your ear to it, and when you heard nothing, you
creaked the door open slowly. This room had many foreign things. First off, there was shiny, silver armor
sitting on the edge of the bed, which was disgustingly messy, and the dresser drawers looked unused.
You shrugged, and went to the drawer.

You pulled out the first drawer and found only a picture in it. You picked it up, and looked
curiously at it. In this one, there was a girl, with dark, silky hair that was in a ponytail. She was wearing
familiar armor to the one on the bed. Standing next to her were three men. One looked Asian, one had a
big happy belly, and the third one was handsome, with his facial hair looking rather impressive. Standing
next to the three men was an eerily familiar figure, with ((Hair length, and colour)), big lovely ((eye
colour)) orbs, and was sporting a nice bomber jacket, with baggy pants, and a gun safely secured in a

Your eyes widened when you realized this girl was you. What stunned you even more was that
you were perched right next to Thor. You were about to race back into your bedroom with the picture in
hand, but when you turned around, you were met by a pair of oceanic eyes plastered onto a very scary
face. Ensue the awkward silence…. NOW! You and Thor just stared at each other for the longest time.
But your stare, however, was one of horror, and guilt. Thor's was one of anger, and annoyance.

"What do you believe you are doing, young lady?"

"Uhhh… not…snooping around, if that's what you were thinking…"

"Then what is that in your hands?"

"… Your mom." Thor looked at you with surprise glistening over his rough features. You smiled
back with a goofy smile that only someone with immaturity could muster. You were caught off guard
when you pushed your back onto the bed, ripping the photo out of your hand. His lips turned upside
down into a frown, and guilt clutched your heart.

"Why were you in my chambers?"

"Um, I couldn't find the bathroom…?" He breathed in deeply, and sat down next to you.

"Why must you lie to me like this?" you gave him a quizzical look, as he glanced at you, with a
saddened face. Great. Now you feel like you just kicked a puppy. Go you! You were about to give Thor a
question about what he was going on about, but you stopped when you heard a chuckle.

"Well, looky here. I come back here to find point break, only to find out he's getting' lucky with
Ms. Senile." What. "Honestly though, if I had to chose between a sexy babe on my bed, or Shawarma, I'd
probably jump at the sexy babe option." The heat rose in your face and you glared back at Tony. "You
freakin' pervert! I wasn't doin noth- wait. Did you say Shawarma?"

"Oh, did you want some? Oh well, guess you shouldn't have locked yourself in your room like a
scared little baby."

"You freaking )&$%&)*&%$#^!*&^$&%(^*^$%^W$^$#$^@%^(^(*@&%#$$!&&&&!!" you
huffed as you glared at the billionaire, who just let out a low whistle.

"God help whatever man does you wrong."
2 chapters in 1 day?! BLASPHEMY! Ironically, today I felt like utter crap. i woke up at 4 in the morning from stomach cramps, then I puked my poor little heart out, and stayed under the blankets all day. Aaaah, life.

BUT What is with Thor having a picture of you, and some other peeps, and then pinning you down? is it creepy sexual harassment, or something more?

...Also, Tony is a douche, so you said the most beautiful words a woman could possibly had to offer. :3

Tony: Bitch got balls, I like that.

Me: You like anything with tits, and legs with a nice pair of butt cheeks.

Tony: True.

The Avenger characters (c) Marvel
You (c) Your mother's birth canal.
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