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Loki x Reader (Pet shop) Ch. 5

"Loki, you should get a guard dog." Loki looked up from his cereal bowl. "What?" "You know a
dog that'll guard the house when the Avengers come over or something." He looked away in thought.
"…Fine. Later on today, we'll go to wherever you can obtain one of these 'guard' dogs." "To Petco!" Loki
gave you a puzzled look, but brushed it off. You trotted back to your room, and got your wallet that was
also conveniently placed in your little apron.

At noon, you forced Loki to follow you to Petco. As you wandered into the shop, you made a
beeline to the dog section. You already knew of a dog that you wanted in here. It was a small Belgian
Groenendael. It was mainly black, and had a little bit of tan on the undercarriage, and tail, and some on
her face (They resembled dimples and eyebrows). You excitedly looked at the price, and frowned. The
dog was 500 freakin' bucks! You sighed, and lowered your head gloomily. Loki bent down and patted
your shoulder softly. "What is troubling you?" He asked soothingly. You pointed at the evil numbers, and
grimaced. "That's how much the dog that I want costs!" Loki chuckled lightly.

You growled at him, and brushed him off. "It's not nice to laugh at my pain, bro." You heard a
deep sigh erupt from Loki's throat. "You know, dear, I can use magic. And I may just be able to make
some of your Midgaurdian currency land in your little pocket." You whipped your head up at him with
wide, ((Eye colour)) eyes. "Dude, if you do that for me this once, I will love you for eternity!" You said,
and gripped his arm. Loki grinned, ignoring your use of the word "Dude" instead of his name, and bent
down by your ear. "Look in your pocket, my lovely." You dug your hand deep down into your pocket,
and found a wad of cash bundled up, but had a strange green glow to it. It reminded you of Loki's
gorgeous eyes. Wait. Gorgeous? Never mind. You hugged Loki tightly around his body, and held him
close for a few seconds, whispering almost in a chant "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!"

You told the lady at the desk what dog you wanted, and she unlocked its glass prison, only to
trap it in some blue plastic cage. "You know," The lady began. "When we found this dog, she was a stray
on the streets. Surprisingly though, she's very well behaved. Even house broken!""Really?! That's really
cool, and sweet!" You hand the tall brunette lady the money, and started to walk off, saying your
goodbyes with the nice clerk lady, with Loki right behind you. As you made your way out of the door,
you heard Loki call your name. "Yes, Loki?""What do you think the creatures name shall be?" You
chuckled at his little nickname "Creature", and looked back at him. "Her name is Shilo, and she shall be
my Shilo!" Loki chuckled, and added "I quite like that name… Shilo… that's a lovely name…" You smiled
at him, and walked on to his home.

As soon as you stepped through the door, you carefully set the cage down, and opened it up for
Shilo. "Come on out, baby girl!" You said, and almost instantly, the dog leapt up, and tackled you into a
doggy hug, and lapped up your whole face, as you giggled and tried to pry her off of you. "What's with
you, Shilo?" Loki sat down Indian-style next to you. "Maybe she just loves her new mommy greatly." You
giggled a little when he said mommy. "And mommy loves Shilo!" Shilo turned and threw a happy look at
Loki, and he started to scoot back, before She threw herself on top Loki, and bomb-barded him with
Shilo-kisses. You laughed loudly, as Loki tried to pull the medium sized dog off of him. "My Gods, my

face is going to smell like dog drool! Get off, you little pesk!.
You roared with laughter, and said in
between giggles "Maybe she'll lick the bad guys to death!.

After much effort, Loki finally managed to rip Shilo off of him. "I need a shower now….
giggled, but then realized something. You hadn't showered in a few says either. Even after/
ew. "Um/
Loki, after you're done, I seriously need one!.
Loki turned, and grinned mischievously. "Why not take
one with me?.
You blushed very heavily, and snapped your head away from him. "GOOD GOD NO!.
yelled, scaring Shilo a little. Loki grinned wider. "Your loss..
And then he ventured down the hall and
stopped at the bathroom door. He winked, and slipped in, without closing the door. A few seconds later
you found articles of clothes fly out from the bathroom door.
You heard him laugh from the bathroom,
and you relaxed as you saw the door close.

You decided to make some food, after listening to your stomach speak to you for far too long.
You decided to make some PB&J, and even make some for Loki. You sat down after making one for
yourself, and after finding the remote. You flicked on the T.V. and searched threw the channels, until
you saw Gabriel Iglesias, and decided to leave it there. You heard the bathroom door click open, and
then foot steps coming down the hall. You didn't look up, afraid he'd be naked, and also because you
were to busy laughing at the fluffy guy. "Thank you!.
You heard come from the kitchen. "No problem,
You saw Loki come out, and plop down on the cough beside you, thankfully clothed.

After some time, Loki had drifted off into dream land, along with Shilo, who was sandwiched
between you and Loki. You looked down, and sighed. "Good night, Loki.""Nuh-nights, Shi-shi..
That was
the last thing you said before you drifted off into la la land.
This took longer than it should have. Seriously. But at least I had fun writin' it! This chapter DOES actually have meaning to it, believe it or not. But that'll be a secret as to WHY later.

Also, Loki was alway more of a cat person, I guess. >3>

:iconlokilaufeysonplz:: This took long enough, wench!

:iconfancyfox01:: Hey, at least you get some fluffy time with the Reader-tan!

:iconlokilaufeysonplz:: Good.

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Preview Picture by: :iconrocketypo:

Loki (c) Marvel, and Norce Mythology
You (c) Loki
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