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December 20, 2012
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Loki x Reader x Thor Ch. 12 ((Canine Warriors))

Thor looked down at the little pooch cuddled up to you. He smiled as he recalled his memory of
first meeting you.

A little girl with long, ((Hair colour)) hair, and a ((Favourite colour)) dress was skittering across
the streets of Asgard. She was accompanied by a little black and brown puppy with one erect ear, and
one floppy ear. She looked worried, with big ((Eye colour)) eyes and her teeth were gritting. That's when
me, Thor, came to see what was wrong with this damsel.

"Young lady, what is wrong with you?" I asked, hoping to get a response out of the little girl.

"I can't find my pack! They just went to get me and Shilo some food and they haven't come

"Your pack…?" The girl looked at me with saddened eyes, which could make any man's heart
break. As I said, any man. I was a God, not a man. Her problems didn't concern me.

"Yes, my pack… or as you may call it, my family… the canine warriors as we call ourselves. Can
you help me find them, Mr. …"

Did this young woman not know who I was?! Me, the son of Odin?! Maybe she's just never seen
me… "I am Thor Odinson."

"Right… so can you help me find them?" She honestly didn't know who I was… but for some
reason… I agreed…

Thor brushed his hand against Shilo, grinning from the happy memory. Back then, things were
simpler. You and Thor would get worried over the stupidest things… like when Shilo somehow got into
Odin's throne chambers. The thing you and him worried about most was if Shilo had peed on the floor.
He chuckled, making you look up at him.

"What are you laughin' at?" You asked curiously. Thor just shook his head, and continued
smiling down at you. "Oh, by the way, who brought Shilo here?!"

"Shilo did." You cocked your head to the side. "Shilo can tell where you are at, because she's the
one with the strongest bond with you. I'm surprised Chu or Tei haven't found their way to you."


"Your pack… you'll see them eventually." You cocked your head to the side in confusion. You
eventually just shrugged it off. You heard some scratching at the door, and looked down at Shilo, who
looked like one of those cute little kids who look like they're about to pee… oh wait…

"You want out, Shi-shi?" You questioned, as you let her loose from the bedroom. After
searching endlessly, you came to the front door, and escorted Shilo out, and let her pee someplace. All
the while, you could sense something watching you…

You turned around, to be met with big, chocolaty eyes of a hound. You shrieked back, and fell
flat on your butt. Shilo raced over and licked it lovingly, with her tail fanning back and forth. The hound
stood up confidently, and strode over to you. He bent down and licked your forehead, almost like a
father would. You giggled and pet the big hunk.

"Aaaaw, you're a nice little pooch, ain't ya?" the hound grunted in response, and got off of you.
You took his bandana, and read the text on it, that read: "Tei". Well, what was that supposed to mean?!
You tried the name out, and he looked at you in an alerted manner. It's as if it was expecting a
command. You looked up at the tower, and smirked. Tony's never going to forget about you when he
was going to go get Shawarma.

The mud tracks were EVERYWHERE. Tony looked terrified at the mess of a dog, that currently
took refuge on his new leather chair. You looked up, grinning, and then went back to petting Tei, with
Thor setting next to you smiling like the goof he was.

"So, Tony. Where's my Shawarma?"
This is what I made you wait for. Go on, kill me, I wouldn't blame you. If any of you can guess who I'm basing you off of, I will give you... absolutely nothing, except a complement of your awesomeness. That's fair... right?

Loki, Thor and all of the other Avengers (c) marvel

Tei (c) Clover studios, and whoever else made that game.

You (c) Loki, and Thor. You go, you little god-pimp.
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