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May 30, 2013
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Loki x Reader x Thor Ch. 13 ~Silly little Nightmare~

After you decided to help Tony clean up the tower, you decided to go wash up. You headed for
your shower, with Tei trailing at your heels. You grinned before stepping into the bathroom. Tei sat in
front of the door with his back to you. He looked like a body guard, which made you giggle.

You undressed yourself, and headed over to the tub. You turned the water on and jumped when
the icy liquid trickled against your skin. You tried to turn it to hot water, but it stayed cold. Sighing, you
redressed yourself and headed off to Thor’s room.

“Hey Thor, can I use your shower tonight?” Thor looked up from Shilo. “Yes, but I may ask why?”
“My shower’s water refuses to get hot.” Thor cocked his head, but led you to his shower anyway. You
found warmth in there and decided to stay. After your shower, you realized something. You forgot a
change of clothes. You wrapped the towel around you and walked into Thor’s room.

Thor took a double take at you, and blushed lightly. “I’ve never seen night clothes like that
before.” Thor joked. “C-Can you go get clothes from my room?” Thor nodded and swiftly collected
some clothes. He handed you some pajamas. After you got changed you went to bed.

~Le Dream Mode brought to by the makers of Sonic ’06, so you know it’s gonna be bad~

You woke up in a hay stack, with Shilo and Tei cuddling next to you. You pushed yourself up, and
Tei picked Shilo up by her fur. You walked around the place you woke up at, and determined that it was
the inside of a barn. You ventured around and made your way to a table. There were arrays of random
tools drenched in blood.

Now you were spooked. You darted to the entrance, and when you opened the door, the sight
that met your eyes chilled you to the bone. There was an old man with a long grey beard soaked in
blood. On his shoulder was a tall looking man with an axe in his brown hair. One of his eyes were
dangling out of his socket, and he was missing an arm. You skittered back when the old man dropped
the corpse and ripped the axe from his head.

He came charging at you when Tei leaped up and tackled him. The old man fell to the ground as
Tei pinned him, letting you escape. And just when you thought you were home free, you turned around
and saw…

All this wait and I leave you off with a cliffhanger. I AM EVIL! >: D

Loki and Thor (c) Marvel and Norse mythology.
Tei (c) Clover and Capcom
You (c) Thor, Loki, and your mother.
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Thanks! Sorry for the late reply!
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This is why i don't watch scary/violent movies. That and i might enjoy them too much.
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I love violent movies unless an animal gets hurt. •3•
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Heh, I'm gad you enjoyed it!!
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