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August 4, 2013
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Thor x Reader x Loki Ch. 15

Thor, you, Loki, and the rest of the Avengers went to an opened field. Loki had his muzzle and
chains. His hair was a tangled, black mess and his pale skin showed dark marks and bruising. Thor’s grip
on Loki was light, not wanting to hurt Loki any further. Thor showed regret in his eyes.

Thor looked to the sky, before calling on someone named “Heimdall”. Not long after a bright
light shone, and you closed your eyes tightly. When you opened them, you saw that you were in a dark
place with a man staring at you. The man had dark, velvety skin, with darker facial hair and he wore a
golden armor with a golden helmet with what looks like squared off horns.

“You’ve kept Odin waiting.” Heimdall ghosted a grin at you and moved to let you pass. You
nervously walked pass and caught sight of a large rainbow bridge. It kind of spooked you with the dark
sky around you with the only light illuminating from the bridge. Thor pulled you along with Loki
stumbling along. You found your way to a grand city.

The city had tall buildings with shimmering gold. Your eyes widened at the beauty of the city. Its
waters were clear and calm. People smiled at you and Thor as you passed by, but Loki got the cold
shoulder. You soon made your way to a grand castle, larger than any sky scraper you’d ever seen.

The hallways in the castle were long and mysterious. You were glad Thor was there or else you
would be lost for sure. After you walked through the castle, the three of you came to a large door. Two
guards were standing in front of it, glaring at Loki. Thor pushed the doors back and led you and Loki into
the room. In the front was an old man with white hair and an eye patch with the same color as the
building. Next to him was a woman with lovely, light hair. You couldn’t take in much detail of the woman
before the man spoke up.

“Thor, I see you’ve found Loki.” Wow, he completely ignored you. Thor nodded and shoved Loki
forward. Odin frowned at Loki. “Tell me why, Loki. Why would you try to go back to Midguard?” ‘Loki
has a muzzle on, stupid.’ You couldn’t help but berate him in your mind. Loki just glared at him, he kind
of reminded you of a teenaged girl with daddy issues.

Odin turned his attention back to Thor. As the two men talked about Loki’s punishment, you
glanced at the woman. She noticed your eyes on her and she sent you a sweet smile. You noticed how
soft her smile was. Because you zoned out Odin and Thor, you jumped when Thor shook your shoulder.

Thor escorted Loki to his bedroom, and left him on his bed. Thor glanced back hesitantly before
walking to his room. “I hope you don’t mind sharing a room with me.” He said nervously. Your cheeks
tinted pink before you stepped in his room. It was much larger than Loki’s and his bed was much more
spacious. You slowly spun around to take in all of the scenery as you slowly walked over to sit on the

Thor cleared his throat, gaining your attention. “(Name), Odin wishes to see you alone.” Oh, oh
no. What was that feeling in the pit of your stomach? Oh yeah, dread.
also I hate Odin. He's just blah.

Thor, Loki, Heimdall, Odin, Freijya (I dunno ho to spell her name. ._. ) Avengers (c) Marvel
You (c) All of the Gods. Except Odin. I don't enjoy his company. 
Also, chapter 16:
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pichu123456 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Student
I hate Odin to he sucks
FancyFox01 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist
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pichu123456 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014  Student
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