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October 19, 2012
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Loki x reader ((Ch. 6)) My House

Loki woke up, feeling warm, which was highly unusual for the frost giant. His eyes wandered to
his chest, where he saw you, cuddled up, and all happy, and content. He grinned lazily, and kissed your
forehead. He wanted to move, but… you + Shilo = very heavy, and he knew you were grumpy when
were woken up, so he just sat there. It annoyed him when his arm went numb, but he still just… sat

~Reader P.O.V.~

You were standing with a boy, about your height, near an old barn. You gripped the boy's arm
and raced over to the barn. You looked into the boy's gleaming green orbs, before opening the barn
door to a sickening view. People. Dead people. Hanging from the rafters, with missing body parts. You
looked at the boy with wide eyes, and clasped your hand over your mouth. The boy's pale skin turned
ten shades whiter, as he held his mouth agape.

Just as you were about to high – tale it outta there, you heard the obnoxious buzzing of a
chainsaw. A scream erupted from your lips, and when he swung the chainsaw at you, he stopped. Not
willingly, though. You gazed at the man's arms, because they were glowing green. You turned to the
boy, and grinned. The boy used his other hand, and made a ball of green energy, and shot it at the man
with a chainsaw. When the man hit the ground, you sprinted away from the barn. You made your way to
a nice clearing, and when you were sure the crazed man was gone, you stopped running, and laid down.

The boy turned and laid on top of you. You blushed and tried to push the boy off, but you failed
to even move him. He leaned down, and kissed you on the- "ACK!" you jumped up, terrified. You glared
up, and saw Loki rubbing his shoulder and tsked. "Why'd you wake me up?! I was having a real nice
dream!" Loki grinned slyly. "my dear, you can fantasize about me anytime you wish~ I don't mind." "I
was not! P-pervert!" he chuckled and went into the kitchen. "((Name))! Why didn't you get a shower last
night?!" You paused, and then grimaced. "don't follow me into the bathroom!" You then walked to the

A few minutes in, you felt heavenly! The warm water relaxed your aching muscles. You felt nice
and warm. As soon as you zoned out- BAM! Loki came in, and roughly ripped the shower curtains off,
and grabbed your arm along with a towel. "We need to leave, now!" He said, barely above a whisper.
"What?! Why?! What's happening?!" He wrapped the towel around your frame, and carried you to the
back door. When Loki stepped outside with you, lightning hit the ground. When the lightning and smoke
disappeared, there stood a tall, built up tall man, and you took notice of his bulky hammer.

Loki leaned down, and whispered you a question about where you lived. You swiftly whispered
your address back. The man rose his hammer, and then… you opened your eyes, and saw nothing but
darkness. Then, you saw a little green light, and you felt like you were in a speeding car in one of those
awesome car chases. You started to feel a little light-headed, and your stomach churned. There was a
little light through all of the darkness, and in almost an instant, you were there. You looked around in
the familiar environment; you realized that you were home. You smiled and darted over to your front
porch. Bad move. Your stomach still hadn't recovered from your little trip. You fell to your knees, and
passed out. You were finally home.
I seriously need to quit procrastinating. XD Oh... also... I FINALLY GOT A NEW LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy. ;W; So yeah... Thor comes, stuff happens, you go home. Yay~ so, yeah. Also like me, the Readr-tan has a weak stomach. Deal with it.
Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link] ((LEMON))
Chapter 5: [link]
Chapter 6: Right here!
Chapter 7: Comng soon to theaters near you.
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